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Enjoy the power of droplet sorting on your microfluidic setup with specialist software.

What is DropSort?

DropSort enables you to perform microfluidic droplet sorting easily, using top-performing electronics and software. We adapt to your own optical and microfluidic setup, and provide you with a user-friendly interface for ultra-fast signal processing and real-time sorting.

Our mission is to bring advanced methods such as Fluorescence Activated Droplet Sorting (FADS) within reach of any team who already works with droplet microfluidics. For this, we have developed the full real-time signal processing chain required to detect, measure and sort droplets. We offer a clear and easy interface so that you have full control over your experiment on your PC at all times.


4 color channels and droplet length
Up to 4 selection windows for sorting droplet populations
Up to 100 MHz sampling rate
Several measurement modes (maximum, average, ratio)
CSV and FCS export for data analysis
Built-in digital lab book

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How does it work?

All you need to do is to input to DropSort the raw optical signals gathered by your setup (fluorescence or absorbed light detected by PMTs, photo-diodes, or any other light detector, passed as an analoguous electrical voltage). From there, you will be able to analyze your droplets and their distribution of intensity and size, with up to 4 light channels.

You can then select parts of the distribution to sort during your experiment. DropSort will output a real-time trigger signal which can be fed to an actuator of your choice (electrodes, pneumatic valves, acoustic systems, etc.). Any droplet that falls into your sorting criteria will be recovered as it is measured.

DropSort is fundamentally a powerful signal-processing tool which can adapt to many setups, so do not hesitate to get creative with your experiments. Examples include selective droplet pico-injection, multi-output sorting, or sorting on a specific droplet signal shape. We are always ready to bring new features to adapt to your needs, you are welcome to contact us for feature requests!

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DropSort Lite

for basic experiments
1 color channel
No data saving

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DropSort Pro

for advanced experiments
Price available upon request
4 color channels
CSV and FCS export

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Further information

DropSort is a software to analyse and process the data provided by a microfluidic sorter setup. You will need some things to get started. We made a small guide to get you going, have a look at the Setup Instructions and the User Guide.